Featured - Guardian Membrane Separators

Our Guardian Membrane Separators and Spin Clean filters offer superb protection with easy field maintenance.

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Featured - ZCore Depth Filters

ZCore is manufactured using patented Z.Plex* filter technology and is engineered specifically for high strength filtration.

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Welcome to ESG Filtration

ESG was formed in 1994 with filtration for the Oil and Gas industry as the primary corporate focus. ESG has continually complimented our core instrumentation and process product offering with new and innovative product lines to offer our customers cutting edge technology in an ever-changing market. ESG Filtration serves Western Canada though our head office in Calgary, AB and sales offices in Edmonton, AB and Grande Prairie, AB.

ESG Filtration Ltd. strives to be a filtration resource to our clients for technical support, product support, troubleshooting difficult applications and supply of products critical to our customer’s operations. With our diverse range of filtration products, we can offer a trusted and reliable source for all of our customers' filtration needs no matter what the application.

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