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GE M Series - Hydrocarbon Removal Filter Cartridges

GE M series filters are spunbound polypropylene plastic cartridges infused with patented chemistry that increases the hydrophobic nature of the material rendering it highly oil absorbent and water repellant. GE M filters are engineered to remove hydrocarbons from water in a single pass. Hydrocarbons form a tenacious bond to GE M filter media surfaces throughout the depth of the filter to prevent the absorbed hydrocarbons from separating and reemulsifying in filter housing process streams.

GE M filters have been designed to maximize effective contact area and minimize weight. GE M filters absorb any oil contacted, with minimal water absorption, reducing disposal cost. Its surface contact area allows it to immediately absorb much more effectively than standard oil absorbing products.

GE M filters are designed for use in standard DOE (double open end) filter housings that are available in sizes varying from one cartridge to 54 cartridges.

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