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Filter Bags (Liquid) – Polypropylene Nominal & Absolute Rated – Single Layer, Multi-Layer, POMF

ESG offers a wide variety of industry standard sized nominal bags from leading manufacturers ranging in micron ratings from 0.5 to 3000. Bags are typically constructed with Polypropylene Felt, Polyester Felt, Nylon Monofilament Mesh, Polyester Multifilament Mesh or Polypropylene Microfiber. Common filter bag part numbers are: PO-1-P2PW, PO-5-P2PW, POMF-5-P2P, PO-10-P2PW, PE-10-P2PW, PO-10-P2SH, PO-25-P2PW, PO-50-P2PW, PO-100-P2PW, PE-100-P2PW, PO-200-P2PW, NMO-200-P2PW, PEM-400-P2PW, PEMU-800-P2PW.


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