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Industries Served & Filter Applications by Sector

  • ESG Filtration Ltd. is a long-time provider of leading filtration and separation products for the Oil & Gas industry and also offers a wide variety of equipment and replacement filters for countless filter applications in the food & beverage, industrial, municipal, commercial and
    many other markets across Canada.
  • ESG’s experienced team members can analyze your application and offer you various options from top manufacturers. We can arrange for the analysis of water and other fluids and perform trial runs of different filters to help you find an optimal solution for your application.

  • Please contact our head office or your local technical sales person to discuss your filter application.

Oil & Gas

Canada is a large oil and gas producer and is home to many oil and gas facilities

Food & Beverage Production

Filtration products are common in food and beverage production processes to help ensure product quality and consistency.

Municipal Water: Drinking Water & Wastewater

Municipalities often provide clean water and treat wastewater.

Oil Refineries

Crude oil refineries involve numerous liquid and gas separation and solids removal processes. 

Electric Utility / Power Generation

Canadian power plants including those powered by hydro, coal, gas, nuclear, oil, wind, and biomass / biogas may utilize filtration products for optimal operation

Pharmaceutical, Medical Products Manufacturing, Biotech & Hospital

Pharmaceutical drug production and medical equipment manufacturing requires precise measurements and consistent ingredient quality, and can involve ultra pure water.

Chemicals Processing, Petrochemical, Acids, Solvents, Harsh Chemicals, Paints, etc.

Throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Eastern Canada, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals are processed in many facilities

Pulp & Paper

Pulp and paper mills utilize large amounts of water. Water recycling / water reuse and high quality effluent may be important. ESG Filtration offers numerous filtration products for pulp and paper mills in Western Canada.

Mining & Industrial Metals, Plating

Canada is home to mining operations of cement, coal, copper, diamonds, gold, gravel, iron ore, nickel, platinum, potash, salt, sand, silver, sulphur, uranium, zinc, and more.

Industrial / Manufacturing

Heavy industrial manufacturing may require purified water, clean air and sometimes pure chemicals.

Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing often necessitates the use of ultra pure water, high purity chemicals and clean air.

Agriculture: Farming, Greenhouses, Nurseries

Canadian farms, cattle ranches, dairies, green houses, and nurseries utilize many different water sources including well water, rivers, lakes, ponds, reclaimed water, and municipal water.

Marine, Aquatic & Aquaculture

Large ships, yachts, fishing boats, fish farms, hatcheries, large aquariums, aqua farms, and businesses that process ocean water tend to utilize filters to maintain equipment and clean water to their specifications.

Commercial, Retail, Restaurant & Hotels

Commercial, retail, restaurant and hotel businesses may require purified water and clean air.

Residential, Pool & Spa, Well Water

Many homeowners in Canadian cities such as Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Edmonton and rural homeowners see the benefit of whole house water filtration to clean incoming water.

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