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Municipal water: Drinking Water AND Wastewater FILTRATION SYSTEMS

Municipalities often provide clean water and treat wastewater. Filtration, separation, and treatment methods may be customized to account for variable source water characteristics from aquifers, lakes, rivers, watersheds, wells, sea water, etc.. Feed water may be brackish, turbid, high or low PH, and have varying levels of particulate, bacteria, viruses, and so on. ESG Filtration offers municipal water plant operators replacement filters, spiral wound membranes, and filtration equipment for their facilities across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northern Canada and Eastern Canada.

Drinking Water / Water for Consumption
Municipal Wastewater & Sewage Treatment

Municipal water treatment facilities in Western Canada primarily treat wastewater, but sometimes also treat or filter storm water including rainwater runoff. Primary and secondary treatment of influent in waste water treatment plants often use clarifiers, settling tanks, skimmers, digesters, bioreactors and activated sludge. Where high quality effluent is required, tertiary treatment can include fine filtration of suspended solids. ESG Filtration offers nominal and absolute rated filters of varying micron ratings and spiral wound membrane elements.


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