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Filters and Separators for Oil & Gas

ESG Filtration provides nominal and absolute rated filters and separation products for oil and gas applications
Canada is a large oil and gas producer and is home to many oil and gas facilities, mostly in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba but with many facilities in Eastern Canada as well. Filtration and separation products are used in countless upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas filtration applications by producers, service companies, transporters, refineries, etc.. ESG Filtration provides nominal and absolute rated filters and separation products for oil and gas applications in natural gas processing / gas plants, gas sample conditioning, natural gas transmission, oil pipelines, fracking, oil sands, SAGD, CSS, crude oil production, EOR, oil refineries, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals and more.
Natural Gas Processing: Amine & Glycol Filtration
Natural Gas Processing: Coalescing of Inlet Gas, Fuel Gas, Sales Gas, etc.
Natural Gas Processing: Activated Carbon Canisters / Molecular Sieves
Natural Gas Processing and Transmission: Dry Gas Filtration
  • Pipeline quality dry natural gas can contain particulate contaminants such as sand, dirt, dust, scale, rust, etc.. Dry Gas Filters are typically used downstream of desiccant beds to catch particles in municipal systems, meter stations, industrial facilities and other applications where dry gas has to be cleaned down to 1 micron.
  • Possible prefilters and final filters:
Instrument Air / Instrument Gas Filtration
Natural Gas Pipeline Sample Probes / Probe Protection
Natural Gas Sample Conditioning, Laboratory Gas Analysis, Gas Detection
Emissions Testing / Stack Gas Testing / Analyzer Protection
Conventional Oil Drilling, Waterfloods, EOR, Oil & Gas Fracking, Injection, Disposal Sites
  • Western Canada is home to many conventional crude oil wells, waterfloods, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) schemes, tight oil, horizontal drilling, chemical flooding, CO2 and gas injection, hydraulic gas fracking, shale gas and tight gas operations, Coal-Bed Methane (CBM) / coal seam gas projects and disposal wells around Grande Cache, Grande Prairie, Spirit River, Dawson Creek, Fort St John, Fort Nelson, Hay River, Norman Wells Weyburn, Swift Current, Bakken, Estevan, Moose Jaw, Kindersley, Brandon. ESG Filtration’s products are commonly used throughout many types of oil and gas production, separating and transportation facilities including well head injection sites, oil batteries, tank farms, oil terminals, cavern disposal facilities, heater treaters, salt water disposal wells (SWDs), etc.. ESG offers filters for flowback water, frac water, sand, fracturing fluid, source water, formation fluids, salt water, disposal water, wastewater, formation water, waterflood prefiltration, completion fluids, deep wells, steam flood, injection fluids, workover fluids, well protection, well injection, brine, produced water treatment for re-injection or disposal injection, flowback fluid, co-mingled water, recycle water, process water containing suspended oil and suspended solids, and more.
Heavy Oil: Boiler Feedwater & Tailings Filtration for SAGD, CSS, Oil Sands Mining
  • Northern Alberta’s Athabasca, Wabasca, Peace River and Cold Lake oil sands operations involve unconventional oil resources containing viscous bituminous sands which require in-situ methods to extract oil. The Peace River, Bonnyville and Lloydminster oil sands areas primarily utilize Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS, HPCSS) technologies to extract bitumen. In-situ operations often require boiler feedwater for steam production. In Northeastern Alberta around Fort McMurray and in the industrial heartland around Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan, Athabasca oil sands ore is processed into synthetic crude oil through numerous separation processes at extraction plants and upgrader facilities. ESG Filtration offers filters and membranes that are suitable for many heavy oil applications in various facilities such as extraction plants, processing plants, upgraders, tailings ponds, and SAGD injection sites. ESG offers RO, NF, UF and MF membranes to remove salt & TDS from brackish water for steam, boiler feedwater filters, wastewater filters, boiler make-up water filters, boiler blowdown water filters, boiler condensate filters, evaporator blowdown filtration, SAGD produced water filters, bitumen froth filters, amine filters and more.
Oil-Water Separation / Oil Removal
  • Produced water and other water sources often contain oil. Walnut shell filters, separation vessels, skimmers, centrifuges, multimedia filters, sand filters, and other technologies may be used to remove oil. Some entrained oil, emulsified oil, or dissolved oil can remain in the water after initial filtration and contribute to downstream damage to equipment or RO membrane fouling. ESG Filtration offers nominal and absolute rated filters and membranes to remove or separate trace amounts of oil.
Landfill Gas & Biogas
  • Landfill gas, biogas, and sewer gas / sewage gas can contain some of the same contaminants as natural gas found in formations, and biogas filters and landfill gas filters may be necessary. Please contact ESG with your specific landfill gas or biogas filtration needs.

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