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Liquid Filters for Mining, Industrial Metals & Plating

Canada is home to mining operations of cement, coal, copper, diamonds, gold, gravel, iron ore, nickel, platinum, potash, salt, sand, silver, sulphur, uranium, zinc, and more. There are numerous mines in British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Northern Canada in the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut, and in Eastern Canada. Surface mining, underground mining, and the processing / extraction of metallic and non-metallic minerals as well as thermal coal and metallurgical coal often involves the use of water and chemicals. Mining operations may benefit from the use of filtration and separation products for production and ongoing tailings water management. Filtration is also common in electroplating processes.

Water, Acid, and other Liquids Filtration for Mining and Industrial Metals


Instrument Air & Instrument Gas Filtration at Mines

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