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Compressed Air & Natural Gas Particulate Filters & Coalescers, Instrumentation Filtration

This Headline Filters offering includes disposable inline filters & absorbers, emission filters, compressed air filters, gas filters, stainless steel filters, exotic filters, analyzer filters, guardian membrane separators, fast loop filters, high pressure filters, natural gas filters, plastic filter housings, adsorption filters, dehydration filters, and more.

Compressed Air & Gas Filters / Regulators
Coalescing and Particulate Filter Elements
Filter Elements
High Pressure Filters


Plastic Filter Housings
Disposable Inline Filters (DIF) & Adsorbers
  • Disposable-In-Line Filters (DIF) consist of permanently welded housings with encapsulated filter elements. Disposable In-Line Adsorbers (DIA) units contain a bed of adsorption granules. A common part number is DIF-BN60.
Filters For Emissions Testing


Guardian Membrane Separators
  • Guardian Membrane Separators series of filters is the ultimate in sample conditioning filtration. A common part number is MT.33.M2.
Fast Loop Filters
  • Fast Loop filters are specially designed for heavily contaminated liquid sample analyzers. The continual liquid sweep flushes the filter, while providing a clean sample with minimal filter maintenance.
Onstream Liquid Filter Housings

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